About Me

Just a girl who likes to create.

Hey, I’m Sarah. I’m a Creative Director during the day, a mom of 2 sassy girls, and the wife of an equally talented and creative man. And I love art (shocking).

I’ve been known to dabble in just about everything creative-wise, from digital art, mini figurines, tattoo design, interior design, and large murals. I’ve found my passion, however, in watercolor and acrylic paintings.

I’m always open to creative ideas and would love to hear about your dream painting.

Contact me for a quote!

Ah, yes. The Important Details.

I’m sure I can! Send me the details and I’ll get back with you on a custom quote. 

Expect a typical painting to be completed within 2-3 weeks. I will send you progress photos to make sure you are happy with the results. Then, shipping times will vary depending on the time of year, size of the painting, etc.*

*Local? I’d be happy to deliver or meet you with your painting. 

All payments are directed through paypal or venmo. 

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